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Mr. Chen Jinrong, Chairman of Liuchuan Group, was included in the compilation of "The Power of Models: Top 100 Outstanding Chinese in the New Era"


Release time:2022-01-12

In order to pay tribute to the role models of the times and draw on the power to move forward, China International Humanities Publishing House has selected 100 Chinese who have made outstanding contributions to the development of the world in 2021 from around the world, and compiled the large-scale "The Power of Models: Top 100 Outstanding Chinese in the New Era" Documentary series. Chen Jinrong, vice president of Shenzhen Private Enterprise Association and chairman of Liuchuan Group, was included in the editorial and selected as the cover character at the same time. This is Mr. Chen Jinrong's personal honor, the pride of Shenzhen entrepreneurs, and the pride of Liuchuan Group.



"The Power of Role Models" is an in-depth interview with 100 representative outstanding Chinese, excavating their advanced deeds of daring to be the first, chasing dreams, always walking in the forefront of the times, and making unremitting efforts for the development and rise of the motherland. Edited and published This is a series of large-scale documentaries and historical documents, in order to look back at the road to success of the Chinese, interpret the wisdom and strategy of the Chinese, commend the patriotism of the Chinese, pass on China's business card with remarkable achievements, and write a colorful chapter of struggle.

In the 1980s, the wave of reform and opening up swept across. Chen Jinrong responded to the country's great call of "letting a group of people get rich first" and became the first batch of pioneers in the business world. Taking advantage of the reform and development of the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, he seized the opportunity of the national development strategy; followed the "people-oriented, honest management, customer-oriented With the business philosophy of "keeping improving and keeping improving", the company has developed step by step from being a salesman in a metallurgical machinery factory to building its own industrial park and trading in the "Golden Triangle" business empire tycoons on several continents around the world.

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Born in a scholarly family, good family education made Chen Jinrong better understand the need to drink water and think about the source, and take responsibility. He thanked the national policy and served the motherland; vigorously publicized integrity and advocated rectification; educated his children to be humble, hardworking and self-improvement; Pass on the red spirit and carry forward the revolutionary spirit...

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Chen Jinrong's arduous entrepreneurial experience, excellent business quality, and humble attitude towards people and affairs have been highly appraised and respected by his partners and friends around him. There are too many stories in him for appreciation and reflection. His life can be said to be a condensed history of contemporary Chinese business. Following the main theme of his life, he has successively won honorary titles such as Reform Pioneer, China's Outstanding Private Entrepreneur, National Outstanding Zhejiang Entrepreneur, and Model of the New Era.

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Great achievements have been made in the sea of business, and monuments have been built with high moral character. Chen Jinrong keeps up with the direction of the times, based on the new development stage, implements the new development concept, builds a new development pattern, and practices new responsibilities. On the new journey of "accelerating the construction of a new development pattern in which the domestic cycle is the main body and the domestic and international dual cycles promote each other", we are setting sail and making great achievements. We believe that Chen Jinrong, as a "model of the new era", will surely become a model for future generations, a benchmark for the industry, and a role model for the Chinese. Liuchuan Group will also recreate the legend and continue to write glory, giving more meaning to the term Zheshang. .

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(出席2019年6月7日在圣彼得堡举行的第二十三届国际经济论坛全会,聆听习近平主席题为《坚持可持续发展 共创繁荣美好世界》的致辞)

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