Liuchuan Electronics

since 1986

Smart device wiring harness solution provider






Shenzhen Bao'an District



Fringe benefits

  • Social security

    Set technical allowance according to personal technical ability, calculate overtime pay according to the labor law, and purchase social security and five insurances after entry

  • Life assistance

    New air-conditioned dormitories are provided free of charge, with a monthly meal allowance of 450 yuan (there is a canteen in the park)

  • Holiday break

    Enjoy annual leave, marriage leave, maternity leave and other statutory paid leave according to the national labor law

  • Incentive bonus

    At the end of the year, a continuous service bonus will be issued, and there will be an excellent staff award and an excellent team award (cash awards ranging from 500 to 2000 yuan)

  • League building activities

    There are various staff activities such as annual tourism, group building, staff birthday party, holiday gifts, etc

  • Career Planning

    Annual salary adjustment, quarterly promotion and development assessment, and professional skill training

  • Work environment

    The production workshop is spacious and clean, and the company has convenient transportation