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Pay attention to the significance of talents

Talents are the cornerstone of building a demonstration unit. Liang Qichao once said, "Young wisdom is the wisdom of the country, young wealth is the wealth of the country, and young strength is the strength of the country", which fully proves that talent training is of great significance for the development of the country.

Only through the division of labor and cooperation of excellent teams and the effective implementation of market strategies can enterprises develop healthily. As a leading network equipment supplier in China, Liuchuan Electronics' human resources training mainly focuses on R&D personnel, customer service personnel and marketing personnel.

Career planning

For new employees, the company will carry out different skills and culture training according to the characteristics of the position. The Human Resources Department has issued a standardized system process, organized a professional lecturer team, developed targeted courses, and trained new employees in basic knowledge, product knowledge, professionalization, corporate culture and other aspects.

After having the basic job skills and career direction, the company will initially plan the personal career development plan according to the personal ambition and ability trend in the work. For R&D personnel, we are convinced that we have provided a dual-channel development path for technical experts and technical executives. Technical experts mainly focus on technical development and innovation, and solve technical problems; Technical executives are good at grasping the project direction and product planning, leading the team to complete the development task; In the same way, for customer service personnel and marketing personnel, we are convinced that we have also provided two types of talent training directions: business direction and management direction.

That is to say, business work is divided into core quality, professional post quality and leadership quality, and different training methods are applied to the right people. For example, through the tutorial system, the same type of talents can be trained and rapidly improved. For the talents who mainly focus on the technical route, the company continuously strengthens the post ability and achievement pride of technical talents through systematic technical training, actual project experience accumulation, and learning among technical talents; For talents who take the route of technology management, after accumulating considerable technical capabilities, the company will train them to lead the R&D team, lead the project operation, communicate with customers and market colleagues, etc., accumulate their ability to control projects and products, and continuously improve their leadership. The above career development plan is not immutable. Through the closed-loop process of talent selection, training, appointment, use, and education improvement, the company and individual constantly adjust their career development direction and let them choose the best development path.